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The Animated Rendering of North Korean Fishermen

Part of what The Outlaw Ocean Project does is not just produce narrative journalism, it also takes this journalism and converts it into new forms, so as to reach wider audiences in new ways. Toward that end, we partnered with two types of creators — an animator and a composer — to make an artistic rendering of our recent investigation about the two mysteries that have emerged in the waters near Korea. 

The story revealed the largest illegal fleet of fishing vessels ever discovered and explained how that armada is involved in the deaths of hundreds of North Korean fishermen and sudden disappearance of most of the squid in these waters. 

Youngran, the animator who made this piece, is originally from South Korea and worked for five months creating this video. The American composer, Philip G. Anderson, is a member of The Outlaw Ocean Music Project and he has a full album coming out soon. Their video is both gorgeous and haunting.

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