Apple News Today: The Brutal Shadow System Keeping Migrants Out of Europe

Listen to the Apple News podcast with The Outlaw Ocean Project, a penetrating exploration of our investigation into the European Union’s shadow system of secretive migrant prisons in Libya. The hosts dig deep into the policy choices made by Europe and the ghastly human consequences of those decisions. In short, Europe has outsourced to the lawless and broken state of LIbya the dirty work of keeping the unwanted from reaching their shores. And it has done so even as the migrants LIbya captures on its behalf wind up tortured, raped, and killed. The show highlights one of the most disturbing aspects of our investigation: climate change is going to drive tens of millions from their homes in the next 50 years, and the world’s well off countries will have to consider what lengths they will go to to either welcome these migrants, or condemn them to misery. It may well be today’s most urgent global issue. The show also revisits the terrible personal price paid by the reporters who worked the story: a brutal abduction by mysterious Libyan intelligence agents.