Reporting from the Last Untamed Frontier

The oceans supply 50 percent of the air we breathe. They are a workplace to more than 50 million people.

And yet, the journalism about this sprawling and vital place is a rarity.

  1. Critics Question the Climate Crisis Benefits of Deep Seabed Mining

  2. Saving the Planet While Ignoring Two Thirds of It

  3. The Worsening State of Seafarers

  4. From Capture to Culture

  5. Reining in the Outlaw Ocean

  6. Shell Companies in Fishing Industry Get New Attention

  7. Subsidizing China’s Fishing Fleet

  8. The Hidden Cost Behind the Explosion in Beirut

  9. The Animated Rendering of North Korean Fishermen

  10. The Somali 7 Investigation

  11. Lawless Ocean: The Link Between Human Rights Abuses and Overfishing

  12. Thailand’s Sea Slaves: Shackled, Whipped and Beheaded

  13. Ship of Horrors: Life and Death on the Lawless High Seas

  14. The Pint-Size Nation Off the English Coast

  15. Antarctica: A Place of Marvel

  16. Norway: Disaster Risk in the Arctic

  17. Indonesia: Violent Clashes

  18. Mexico: Abortion on the High Seas

  19. Somalia: Discord on the Horn of Africa

  20. Kenya: Illegal Cover Up

  21. Brazil: A Sea-Floor Battle

  22. England: The Magic Pipe

  23. Antarctica: The Hunt for Hunters

  24. ‘Sea Slaves’: The Human Misery that Feeds Pets and Livestock© The Outlaw Ocean Project