Hear the Issues Explained

  1. Festival of Ideas

  2. Foreign Correspondence Podcast: The Outlaw Ocean Project

  3. Global Investigative Journalism Network: Innovative Storytelling

  4. Yale Law School: A Reconceptualization of the Mediterranean Migrant Crisis

  5. Central Michigan University Abel Lecture Series: Migrants and Mercenaries on The Outlaw Ocean

  6. Overseas Press Club Award for Human Rights Reporting Granted to Ian Urbina

  7. Daily Maverick: The EU, Libyan Jails, and Human Rights Abuses

  8. University of Pennsylvania: The Migrant Crisis in Libya

  9. Chain Reaction: The Secretive Prisons That Keep Migrants Out of Europe

  10. The Listen Podcast: Ian Urbina on The Outlaw Ocean

  11. U.S. Coast Guard: Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated Fishing

  12. The Jerusalem Post: Ian Urbina is transforming investigative reporting on environmental crimes

  13. Book Dreams Podcast

  14. The Intelligence from The Economist

  15. Efecto Naím

  16. Commonwealth Club of California

  17. Podcast Rising Tide #47: Still an Outlaw Ocean

  18. Geomundo: Interview With Ian Urbina

  19. WPFW Shay Wah Nana: Interview With Ian Urbina

  20. Libyan American Alliance: The Reality for Refugees and Migrants in Libya

  21. In Conversation: Matt Desch and Ian Urbina

  22. Food On The Edge 2021: The Outlaw Ocean Project

  23. European Parliament – Subcommittee on Human Rights

  24. DW Inside Europe: Europe’s Complicity in the Brutal Detention of Migrants

  25. Pod Save the World: Libya’s Secret Migrant Prisons

  26. Apple News Today: Inside the Secret Prisons That Keep Migrants Out of Europe

  27. CNN’s Amanpour & Co.: Libya’s Detention Centers

  28. KCRW’s Press Play with Madeleine Brand: Migrants Want New Lives in Europe, Are Caught and Imprisoned in Libya

  29. Democracy Now: Europe’s Shadow Immigration System

  30. Columbia Journalism Review’s The Kicker Podcast: Interview with Ian Urbina

  31. Apple News Today: The Brutal Shadow System Keeping Migrants Out of Europe

  32. MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes: The Secretive Prisons That Keep Migrants Out of Europe

  33. NPR’s All Things Considered: The EU’s Efforts to Outsource Immigration Control to Libya

  34. 2021 FilmAid Annual Gala

  35. Stern Magazine: Interview with The Outlaw Ocean Project

  36. The Republic: The Outlaw Ocean Project

  37. Tangentially Speaking Podcast: The Outlaw Ocean Project

  38. Wild Deep Yonder Webinar

  39. Millennium Magazine: The Impact of the Belt Road Initiative

  40. Meduza Magazine: Pollution, Illegal Fishing, and More

  41. IMSE 2021 Virtual conference

  42. The New York Times’ Campaign Turns the Spotlight on Journalists

  43. Global Initiative | DEEP DIVE Podcast: IUU Fishing, Human Trafficking, and Arms Smuggling

  44. Ocean Matters Podcast: Lawlessness at Sea

  45. The Marine Diaries: The Outlaw Ocean Project

  46. Sea Control Podcast: Sea Blindness

  47. Pete Buttigieg recommends The Outlaw Ocean

  48. Carne Cruda: The Outlaw Ocean

  49. Healthy and Productive Oceans

  50. El Confidencial: Así Crece la Piratería en Alta Mar

  51. The Outside Podcast: A quest to expose

  52. Los Angeles Times: Why the oceans need journalism

  53. Tortoise Media’s Slow Newscast: Lost at sea

  54. Africa News Tonight: Fish Stocks at the Point of Collapse

  55. Follow the data: Protecting the Oceans

  56. Where Your Fish Comes From: The Outlaw Ocean

  57. Ecogestiona: The Outlaw Ocean Project

  58. Life at Sea: Reporting Life at Sea

  59. Conservation X Labs’ Xploring Podcast: Uncovering the secret stories of the ocean

  60. Salty Cinema & Seafood Sustainability: The Outlaw Ocean Project

  61. Rhythm Passport Podcast: Listen to the label

  62. Bracenet: Long years of dangerous endeavors

  63. Radio New Zealand: Congestion and Chaos

  64. Intelligence Squared: The Wildest and Least Understood

  65. Catch Our Drift: Survival

  66. State of the World Conference: Global Implications of Illegal Fishing

  67. Dive in with Sylvia Earle: Protecting the High Seas

  68. Using Satellites to Reveal Global Extent of Forced Labor

  69. Neue Zürcher Zeitung: A World Without Law

  70. Lecture of Opportunity: The Outlaw Ocean Project

  71. El Mundo: The Outlaw Ocean Ranked in Best of Non-Fiction

  72. American Geographical Society: The Future of the World’s Oceans

  73. Senate Oceans Caucus: The Chinese Distant-Water Fishing Fleet

  74. War on the Rocks Podcast: Piracy, Kidnapping, and Stowaways

  75. Love Tropics: The Outlaw Ocean Project

  76. Shack15 Conversations Podcast: A dual masterpiece

  77. The Lead Podcast: The Outlaw Ocean Project

  78. Oceans Daily Magazine: An Interview with Ian Urbina

  79. ABC Radio National: Catch of the day

  80. La Méduse Déchainée: A bitter taste

  81. Behind the Story with The Pulitzer Center

  82. KUOW’s The Record: Outlaws of international waters

  83. Clarín: Storytelling with Music

  84. An Exploration at Stanford

  85. The Charles and Marie Fish Lecture

  86. London Morning: The Watery West

  87. ManTalks Podcast: ‘Quite potent and powerful’

  88. Intelligence Squared: Ghost Boats and Geopolitics

  89. Bribe, Swindle or Steal

  90. Forbes: Lax Regulations Made Beirut Blast Possible

  91. Chatham House: Receivers of stolen goods

  92. Oceanographic Magazine: Investigating the Squid Industry

  93. Efecto Naím: The Dark Fleet

  94. The Nat Geo Storytelling Fellowship

  95. WKNY’s Green Radio Hour: ‘A dark and inspiring place’

  96. Reporters Without Borders

  97. Citizen Chef Podcast: Supply Chains and the Fishing Industry

  98. Media Impact Funders Forum

  99. The Foreign Desk: ‘Silent, shady criminality’

  100. Innovation Talk: ‘A remarkable work’

  101. Austrian Broadcasting Corporation: Melding storytelling with music

  102. EarthX Films: Heroes For the Waters

  103. P.M. Magazine: A global threat

  104. The Ocean’s Song

  105. Ian Urbina on Efecto Naím: Part Two

  106. Rising Tide Podcast: Ocean Issues

  107. Moisés Naím: Interview with Ian Urbina

  108. The Storytellers Summit

  109. The Constant Wonder

  110. When We Talk about Animals: What Does It Mean to be Human on the High Seas?

  111. Slate France: ‘The Outlaw Ocean’

  112. Living on Earth

  113. Utah Public Radio: Revisiting ‘The Outlaw Ocean’

  114. Rampantly Criminal World

  115. Town Hall Seattle: ‘A gripping adventure story’

  116. FranceTV: Ian Urbina on The Outlaw Ocean

  117. Urbina Testifies Before Congress

  118. Le Devoir: Des océans de misère

  119. The Current: Traveling further for the catch

  120. Libreria Podcast: Documenting global injustices

  121. France 24: The Outlaw Ocean

  122. The Economist: Diversity of Abuses

  123. Conservation International: Lawless and largely invisible

  124. Konbini News: Ian Urbina on The Outlaw Ocean

  125. Intelligence Squared: The Underworld

  126. KPCC’s AirTalk: Global Indifference Leads to Mistreatment

  127. The Foreign Desk: Exploited off the grid

  128. Ryan Tubridy Show: ‘A bizarre and fascinating place’

  129. NowThis Español: Interview with Ian Urbina

  130. Aspen Institute: Lawlessness on the high seas

  131. PoliticsJOE: ‘Unimaginable levels of crime at sea’

  132. NowThis: The ripple effect on the environment

  133. Ryan Tubridy Show: ‘A bizarre and fascinating place’

  134. World Ocean Radio Series: Reporting on the vivid and corrupt

  135. Civil Eats: Wage Theft, Slavery and Climate Change

  136. Le Point: A magnified mirror image

  137. Público: Cutting corners for consumer goods

  138. World Ocean Radio Series: Dumping into the Ocean

  139. World Ocean Radio Series: Corruption on the high seas

  140. Sea Change Radio: The concealed costs of shipping industries

  141. Access Utah: Inhabitants of the hidden world

  142. Green Radio Hour: ‘Out of this world’

  143. Politics and Prose: Chronicling conditions on the high seas

  144. Virgin Unite: Slavery at Sea

  145. World Ocean Radio Series: Crime hidden from view

  146. UN Dispatch Podcast: An Inside Look at Slavery on Fishing Vessels

  147. Knowledge @ Wharton: Labor Trafficking on the South China Sea

  148. NPR: Investigating crime on The Outlaw Ocean

  149. Ian Urbina Joins The Atlantic

  150. Oceana: A lack of governance at sea

  151. Tedx The Outlaw Ocean

  152. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry: Slavery as a fishing industry problem

  153. The Leonard Lopate Show: Palau fights poachers

  154. John Batchelor Show: The business of human trafficking

  155. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry: A global industry of sea slavery

  156. John Batchelor Show: What are floating armories?

  157. Marketplace: A life lost at sea

  158. Marketplace: The dark side of the ocean

  159. Wharton Podcast: Why offshore violence goes unpunished

  160. Lip News: Piracy and murder at sea

  161. NYU: Illegal fishing on the open ocean

  162. Google: Exploring the last lawless frontier

  163. NHPR: The art of stealing a ship

  164. NPR: Two stowaways – one lives, the other dies

  165. Brigham Young University Radio: Human rights in the fishing industry

  166. ProPublica: What it’s like reporting on the high seas

  167. Longform Podcast: The making of The Outlaw Ocean

  168. All Things Considered: Ocean mayhem

  169. PBS NewsHour: Murder & slavery at sea

  170. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry: Lang Long’s story is not unique

  171. The McLaughlin Group: An assessment of The Outlaw Ocean coverage

  172. New Zealand TV: Captive workers offshore

  173. Royal Geographical Society of London: Many laws but minimal enforcement

  174. The Kyle Thiermann Show: Maritime Journalism

  175. Our Oceans Conference: Is sea slavery a type of illegal fishing?

  176. Pew Research Center: What surprised you in doing this reporting?

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