Hear the issues explained

Senate Oceans Caucus

The Outlaw Ocean Project's reporting on the Chinese distant-water fishing fleet was presented before the U.S. Senate Oceans Caucus.

War on the Rocks

The Outlaw Ocean Project was featured on War on the Rocks to discuss issues related to piracy, kidnapping, and stowaways on the high seas.

Love Tropics

Mojang Studios, the developers of Minecraft, hosted a 48-hour marathon event where people played to fundraise for ocean issues before a live audience of thousands.

A dual masterpiece

The Outlaw Ocean Music Project was featured on the Shack15 Conversations podcast with musician Christopher Willits. Listen here:

The Watery West

The Outlaw Ocean Project and musician Zachary Gray were featured on CBC's London Morning radio show to discuss The Outlaw Ocean Music Project.

Ghost Boats and Geopolitics

Intelligence Squared Podcast featured The Outlaw Ocean Project's recent reporting on battered North Korean fishing boats washing ashore in Japan.

Citizen Chef Podcast

The Outlaw Ocean Project was featured on the Citizen Chef Podcast with Tom Colicchio discussing supply chains associated with the fishing industry.

'A remarkable work'

The Outlaw Ocean Project was interviewed for Australia's Radio Northern Beaches show "Innovation Talk," to discuss the reporting and The Outlaw Ocean Music Project.

Heroes For the Waters

The Outlaw Ocean Project was featured at EarthX Films Virtual 2020 conference, discussing music, journalism and ocean lawlessness.

Rising tide

The Rising Tide podcast hosts Ian to discuss issues the oceans are facing and ways to tackle them. See original here.

Living on earth

About seventy percent of our planet is covered by the oceans, but the high seas are among the least-explored frontiers on Earth.

A conversation with BookBub

For most of us, the ocean represents a vacation destination: a place to relax and play. For Ian Urbina, the ocean represents a lawless frontier.

Lawless and largely invisible

In “The Outlaw Ocean: Journeys across the last untamed frontier,” investigative journalist Ian Urbina uncovers slavery, overfishing and human trafficking on the high seas.

The Underworld

Ian Urbina was featured on the Intelligence Squared podcast. In a conversation with the BBC's Razia Iqbal, he explored a vast, lawless and rampantly criminal world that few have ever encountered - on international waters.