Virgin Unite: Slavery at Sea

Ian Urbina has been an investigative reporter at The New York Times for over two decades – and is a winner of a Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News, a George Polk Award for Foreign Reporting, and is a producer of Emmy Award-nominated work.

The Outlaw Ocean series, originally published in The New York Times, has since evolved into his new book after an additional five years of reporting. The book rights have been purchased by Netflix and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Ian’s new book, The Outlaw Ocean, came together through reporting done almost entirely offshore. He travelled across five seas and 14 countries in Africa, Asia, the Mediterranean, South America, and the Middle East. The resulting book is both a gripping adventure story and a stunning exposé. Ian’s unique reporting brings fully into view the disturbing reality of a floating world that connects us all, a place where anyone can do anything because no one is watching.

The issue of policing at sea has been thoroughly researched by Ian over the years – assessing efforts of many countries working to protect their waters from IUU (illegal, unregulated and unreported) fishing and human trafficking.

Virgin Unite and Ocean Unite are honored to be sharing Ian’s incredible stories. We encourage you to follow Ian’s ocean journey online, and to definitely purchase The Outlaw Ocean book and join the fight for a healthy, safe and sustainable ocean.