Did Choice Canning send shrimp to Ahold Delhaize?

In a statement to reporters, the large supermarket chain Ahold Delhaize wrote that Choice Canning had said that none of the shrimp for the grocer’s private brand products is processed at the Amalapuram plant. Other documents seem to indicate otherwise. Ahold Delhaize is a Dutch-headquartered multinational company that owns the Food Lion, Giant, Hannaford and Stop & Shop chains in the United States. It operates more than 2,000 stores across 23 states.
A collection of emails, internal audits, and WhatsApp conversations seem to show shrimp from Choice Canning’s Amalapuram plant, which is often called Unit III, being processed for Ahold Delhaize’s private brand, Nature’s Promise.

How much shrimp did Choice Canning export to the United States between 2019 and February 2024?

What brands of shrimp did Choice Canning plan to ship in March 2024?

Does Choice Canning supply the U.S. Military?

How much shrimp did Choice Canning supply to The Fishin’ Co.?

Choice Trading sent more than 10 shipments totaling at least 260 tons of shrimp to The Fishin’ Co. between July 2023 and February 2024, according to U.S. trade data, accessed through the subscription service Import Genius. Likely due to requests for confidentiality made by the importer, some of the shipments in this spreadsheet do not list Choice Trading in the shipper column or The Fishin’ Co. in the consignee column. However, both companies are explicitly mentioned in the product description column. Moreover, the product description column includes information regarding the purchase order number associated with the shipment and, consistent with other U.S. trade data where The Fishin’ Co. is identified as the consignee, the purchase order number is a five-digit numeric code that begins with a “3.”
This spreadsheet, accessed through the subscription service Panjiva, shows all imports by The Fishin’ Co. between March 2023 and March 2024, where the company is explicitly listed under the “consignee” column. Many of the descriptions under the “goods shipped” column include a purchase order formulation that follows the same format: “FISHIN PO: PO3,” followed by four additional digits. This supports the conclusion that for any shipment that has a purchase order formulation that starts in the same way, The Fishin’ Co. is the buyer.
The product descriptions in the Import Genius spreadsheet also include invoice numbers for each shipment to The Fishin’ Co. Multiple invoice numbers identified in this database correspond to the numbers listed in an internal Choice Canning document as well. For example, the invoice number “TCFP/066/23-24,” listed in a shipment of shrimp products to The Fishin’ Co that arrived in the United States on January 20, 2024, corresponds to the invoice number assigned to a shipment in an email thread between Choice employees about the delivery.
In December 2023, The Fishin’ Co. emailed Choice Canning a reminder to send over traceability documents tied to shipments of “Great Value” shrimp.