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The Murder at Sea Investigation

Among the investigations covered in the book is that of the Murder at Sea story, which reveals a slow-motion slaughter of at least four men caught on camera. The grainy video began circulating in 2013 and original investigation was published by The Outlaw Ocean in The New York Times in 2015. In late August, 2020, the man shouting on camera and suspected to have ordered these killings was arrested in Taiwan.The Outlaw Ocean Project has since published updated journalism on the investigation in The Washington Post, Yahoo News and Daily Mail.

In February 2021, the court sentenced the captain to 26 years. Read the latest update about the conviction on our Substack newsletter here as well as below.

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In the video, the only identifiable vessel at the scene of the murder was the Chun I 217. The original investigation revealed that the ship carrying the gunman with assault rifles who conducted the murder was likely called the Ping Shin 101.

The investigation and the Questions & Leads document below detail what we know about these vessels and their owner.

Murder at Sea Q&L 1.0

Below is a video that may be connected to the ships involved in the murder.

If anyone has information to offer, answers to our questions in the documents, could you please email‌

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